On the Edge of My Seat

I’m hanging out on my mother-in-law’s beach house in Fairfield. The race is less than 24 hours away, starting at 8:30am. If all goes well, I’ll be done by 10:45.

This morning I walk/jogged a portion of the race course — the hardest part: the hills. I had to pull myself back from running, but I did run the hills. Or rather jogged them. I don’t like walking uphill because it makes the hill seem endless.

It wasn’t so bad, and now I feel prepped for tomorrow.

So, for now I am just chilling. The weather here is gorgeous and is supposed to be more of the same in the morning. I still have a little fire of nerves on my belly, but I’ll use it for fuel. Tonight will be a light dinner of chicken and sweet potatoes, then off to bed. Not sure how much sleep I’ll get.

I’m ready.

the views from my MIL’s beach house






5 thoughts on “On the Edge of My Seat

  1. jsrelease@gmail.com says:

    I must say, with a view like that, I might not mind my NMIL so much 🙂

    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll rock it (a little Queen “We are the Champions” playing you across your finish line).

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