Half Marathon Countdown

20130618-165306.jpgFive days until the Fairfield Half Marathon.

I’m trying not to get overly nervous, but of course I am a bit. I do know I will finish, barring an injury (knock on wood). But the question is whether I’ll make my goal of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

It’s doable, and my husband did a quick calculation so I could see what my pace needs to be for my overall average and also when broken into 7:1 ratio of run to walk. It’s well within my range, but I will need to remember the hills will slow me down and I’ll have to make it up elsewhere.

This week I’m doing easy runs, yoga and a personal training session. I ran 8 miles on Sunday. It was rainy and I actually liked it that way, although I could’ve done without the squish squish squish in my shoes.

5000 people will be running. A quick eyeing of the roster shows a lot of people in my age group. I think that’s pretty cool.

It’s still surprising to me that back in February I couldn’t run more than a few minutes at a time.

My trainer asked if she could forward my email to her reporting my race placement from last weekend’s 5k because she thought it would be motivating to her other clients. I said sure, but a part of me worries that her other clients will hate me. I’ve never met these people, so why that is even a concern is a good question. I still get squeamish about passing other people because I don’t want them to feel bad. Luckily, I am getting over that ridiculousness. I know this fear of “tall poppy syndrome” comes from my mother being punishing if I did anything that outshone her in her mind.

I remind myself I am not so much racing against other people but rather for my best self. It seems to work. And it’s the best reason to run.


6 thoughts on “Half Marathon Countdown

  1. I’m so excited for you! Yes, some people will be discouraged by what you do, but others will be encouraged. You can’t change either one.

    Ernest Miller Hemingway quote – There’s nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility is being superior to your former self.

    And you are learning to do it! Go you!!

  2. jsrelease@gmail.com says:

    Good luck! I’ll be cheering you on.

    “Tall poppy syndrome”. I’ve never heard it described that way, but it seems to fit me too. I was always encouraged to be “perfectly” average. I was expected to be perfect, but not so much that I outshone anyone, including my mother.

    By the way, if I wasn’t an asthmatic, you’d have encouraged me to run ;).

  3. tundrawoman says:

    People can take what they want from your Trainer, but your experiences and accomplishments are your own.
    And no one can take those.

  4. Good luck – but don’t be ruled by the numbers – they are just that numbers… taking part, completing it etc. all are good achievements without any arbitrary numbers associated with them

  5. Doug Hart says:

    To chime in with furtheron about he meaninglessness of numbers I am 54 and people say I am middle aged. sha! right only if I live to be 108 years old.

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