It’s a Good Day to Be a Runner


My Shiny Medal

I came in second in my age group for women. The woman who won has been winning her age group in our area’s local races for eons. I’ve seen her name on prettt much every results roster. Why couldn’t she have stayed home today? Just kidding.

The hills were… hard. I need to figure out how to recover from them a little more efficiently. I’m super happy I’d practiced running them.

dragon elevation

Race course elevation chart — the hill at the end was bigger than that, I swear

My Garmin says the course was actually 3.22 miles, not 3.1. But whatever. Final time was 27:18. A personal best.


6 thoughts on “It’s a Good Day to Be a Runner

  1. tundrawoman says:

    Fantastic, PV! Congratulations!!!
    Do you still have your Trainer? Could she give you some ideas about hills and training? It sounds like you’re doing great but the hill thing? I imagine that’s a challenge for everyone.
    Could you ever have imagined this in Dec.? Or March? You are a bona-fide athlete.

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