I’m a Little Engine that Can

20130609-154044.jpgToday I did a long easy run of 13.2 miles. It took me 2:26. Or it might’ve been 13.7 miles. I had some technology issues. Either way, the time is right & the mileage is somewhere between the two.

This was a test training run for my first half marathon, the Stratton Faxon Fairfield Half Marathon, on June 23. They’re expecting about 5,000 runners, making it the largest race I’ll have participated in. What’s cool about it is that the course runs by both my mother-in-law’s and sister-in-law’s houses. In fact, the worst two hills peak right by my MIL’s house, which we’ll pass by twice, at miles 3 & 9, I believe.

I’m hoping on race day that I’ll be able to run it in 2:15. From what I’ve read, long slow runs should be done at about 2 minutes per mile slower than race pace, which should be about what I did today.

20130609-170601.jpgThe last two miles were difficult. I was just tired. I could feel it in my hip flexors. I also have a bruised toenail on my right foot, something that happened while walking in NYC last week and that I did no favors today.

Also, my Garmin watch ran out of juice just before 3 miles. Luckily I had my iPhone with me to keep track. But next time I’ll be smarter about making sure it’s charged up.

Still, I’m really happy I made it through. That will be my last really long training run before the half marathon. I’m not planning on tapering much, however. The race is intended as another training run that just happens to be a race too.

Of course, if I’m in dire pain tomorrow from today’s workout, I may rethink my approach. But this far, it’s been how I’ve gone about my training and it seems to suit me.

Woo woo!


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