Indifference, Laziness and Entitlement

Anyone besides me frustrated with the general quality of customer service? I swear, these departments are served by obtuse and stupid computers programmed by a person who has lived under a rock for half a century.

I’m a subscriber to one of those box-of-the-month clubs, and last month I received a duplicate of the previous month’s box. So I emailed customer service about the error, and I was told it was an extra box they accidentally sent. Since it was their error, I could keep the duplicate.

Ok. No biggie. Except that the correct box for May never came. So I emailed again just to verify that the May box would be coming. I got a non-answer that I could track my box’s shipment by going to their FAQ section.

Fine. Went there. No info. Just stuff on the shipment of the duplicate box.

Comes June, and I get an email about June’s box being on its way. Clearly May’s box is never coming. I email again and am told that their system shows my box was shipped in May. HULLO! It was the wrong box.

20130606-123956.jpgBack to the drawing board, I just sent another email. I asked them to please read the email thread. Which I had been sending with each of my prior emails. Silly me, to think a customer service rep would bother reading how the other reps had responded to my inquires and my continued concern.

Just… fucking… arg.

As my kid would say, “First world problems.” But still. Do people really give that little of a shit about their jobs? One of the women in the cleaning crew who came to our house yesterday refused to do whatever it was that her supervisor asked of her because she was not going to get on her hands and knees. What exactly did she think she would be doing as part of a cleaning crew?

I guess some tiff ensued between the supervisor and worker, ending in the worker sitting in the car while the rest of the crew finished and backup was called in.

To prove some sort of a point, my husband went outside and pulled weeds in our garden. On his hands and knees. The lazy worker just watched. I didn’t bother telling my husband that people like her cannot be shamed into better behavior.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I couldn’t live with myself if I behaved like these people. I’ve had crappy, menial jobs. I did them to the best of my ability. There’s no shame in honest work. I just don’t get people. Like the ones claiming disability who have 60″ satellite TV set ups way nicer than anything I could afford and that are somehow able to four-wheel it around on recreational vehicles despite that they claim they can barely lift their arm for a glass of water (I actually sat jury duty on a character like that guy).

What is wrong with people?


10 thoughts on “Indifference, Laziness and Entitlement

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amen, sister. My husband just laughs at me now when I come home from the store with another horror story about store employees. How they never say “hello” or “goodbye” or thank me for shopping with them. I always seem to get the cashier who wants to complain about their recent surgery/job/family/stock in life to me. I guess I look like a good listener. I’ve actually had more than one cashier get angry with me. For things like grabbing the hand soap that “was already open!!!”. How dare I? I guess it inconvenienced her. And she didn’t bother to get me one that wasn’t leaking. I had one yell at me because I asked her not to let the gift bag I was buying get sucked into the belt because it was getting wrinkled and bent. She told me I didn’t know how hard her job was. I could go on and on…

    Did you ever get your May box?

  2. I know how you feel. I’ve had several really bad customer service encounters. It’s like they don’t give a crap about their job or anyone! For example, I’ve been in my new apartment for about 3 weeks now and STILL do NOT have a key that works (their excuse? Some guy quit so they’ve been really backed up. Right.). Once, the USPS lost my GRE study package in the mail I had bought from Amazon. I had to call USPS multiple times and after the guy told me he’d look into it, they never called me back. Good thing Amazon sent me a replacement (through UPS) which arrived the next day. Makes me appreciate the really good customer service that some companies have!

  3. tundrawoman says:

    WHAT “Customer Service?” I remember well the days when that meant something and I’ve been ragging about this for the last decade particularly.
    I’m with ya, “Boy, howdy” (<Q-ism) am I ever!

  4. LOL! These are the same people who would call (when I worked for the airlines) and say, “I know the ticket is nonrefundable, but can I get a refund?” What was I supposed to say? Without being sarcastic. πŸ˜‰

  5. Alison says:

    When I was studying at uni I worked part-time as a cleaner, and I’d just like to make note that one of the companies I worked for had a policy that we were not expected to clean on our hands and knees because the continuous pressure of hard flooring can lead to injury. Personally I wouldn’t mind kneeling on a softer surface such as carpet or grass, but hardwood floor or tile? Absolutely not. I’d really rather not end up with interfibrillar bursitis, thank you very much. How would I continue to work in that condition? Then again, you never mentioned the surface she refused to clean, so I may well be jumping the gun on this one. Never the less, a good cleaning company should let clients know in advance of the cleaning what tools they are required to provide (or rent or purchase from the company) so that cleaners can get the job done without risk of injury. In addition to this they should also make it clear from the start what type of work employees will and will not be required to do, so clients aren’t miffed by “lazy” cleaners who give a damn about their physical wellbeing.

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