Literal Crap Run

I logged about 22 miles of running last week, plus and additional 10 city walking, not to mention walking in the convention for 6 hours a day for four days. Add in 4 yoga classes and one spin class, and I was an active girl last week.

So why was I bummed and surprised I had a terrible run this morning?

I took yesterday off and I thought I felt good. Last week I noticed my ankles were feeling tender. When I walk, I probably over flex my feet. I slept in compression socks. It was fine on my Saturday run.

This morning I tried a Pilates class, which I doubt caused further stress on my ankles. I think yoga is a harder workout, although I did like the extra abs focus.

20130603-233920.jpgMy plan was to do a test run of a four mile race I’ll be doing July 4. I was fine the the first half mile. The ankles didn’t feel great, but I thought they’d work themselves out. By mile one, they felt much worse. Plus, probably due to travel-related diet changes, I had to (pardon my bluntness) suddenly take a shit.

I ended up cutting my run at 2.3 miles, rushing home to use the bathroom.

It’s hard to not be disappointed, even knowing it’s not unusual to have the occasional bad run. I am clearly exhausted from my previous week, as evidenced by my unavoidable nap this afternoon. I’m not a napper.

The lesson of the day? Well, I’d like to say I had a clue how to prevent the bathroom emergency. I suspect my travels had something to do with it. So the primary lesson is that my body gets tired. It needs a break on occasion in order to keep strong. The end.



3 thoughts on “Literal Crap Run

  1. Ok, I’m making a bold statement by simply resonding to this post, let it be known.

    The GI issues happen. Could be too much fiber or something new you aren’t used to, or the simple stress on your system. I’ve been trying to figure out how the hell this shit (pun intended) happens. The “Runner’s World Coach Marathon Guide” has some good info on how to curtail the runs (damn I’m on a roll).

    Maybe pick a course that has a respectable “pit stop” along the way just in case? That way you can keep running after.

    Regardless, good job getting out there and keep at it!

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