A Few More Book Expo Pics

Jim Carrey20130602-163436.jpg

Promos for Neil Gaiman’s upcoming Fortunately the Milk

Really? There was a line for this…20130602-163503.jpg

Chez Josephine, where I ate halibut20130602-163615.jpg

Lots of good stuff from the Recovery Press20130602-163622.jpg



3 thoughts on “A Few More Book Expo Pics

  1. Yeesch. Since I had my geriatric cat Trouble (Troubs) put down a few weeks ago, I saw the kitty on the cover and was a “goner,” so to speak. But that has nothing to do with what’s between the pages.
    How was the Halibut? You’re right close to the Fulton Fish Market so I wanna know what you thought of the meal? If you were a single diner (of if in a group) how were you seated and treated?
    Your thoughts on the Yoga book?

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