Photo Journal of Book Expo, Neil Gaiman & Joss!

She reads?20130531-101040.jpg
Dr Ruth20130531-101055.jpg
Octavia Spencer (she’s adorable)20130531-101112.jpg
Mommy needs a reason? 20130531-101231.jpg
My hero!20130531-101728.jpg

Amy Tan20130531-131206.jpg


Helen Fielding20130531-143830.jpg

Neil Gaiman20130601-102452.jpg


2 thoughts on “Photo Journal of Book Expo, Neil Gaiman & Joss!

  1. NOW you know why you go to these events! 😉
    That book, “Some Assembly Required?” That looks interesting as I live with chronic pain.
    The other interesting aspect for me? Mon Dieu, these people are so young! (leaving aside Dr. Ruth.) So much creativity, so much real talent in the same place at the same time from people who are so young, but clearly have so much life experience or the ability to “get inside of” the characters of their creation.
    Authors and their Editors really do “give life.” My sense is they create from some inner ability which I never will have but I sure appreciate the reality they do-and they share it with others like me.
    On that note, thanks for sharing, PV: All of it-the good, the bad, the everything in between, thank you.

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