A New Milestone

20130527-224928.jpgEndurance is a funny thing. To build it, you sometimes have to work when you’re tired, allowing your muscles to dig deeper into reserves. It’s part of why cross-training is so effective; you strengthen the muscles that your body will tap into when the usual muscles used for running are fatigued.

Today I put my endurance to the test by running on a slight physical deficit. I trained hard all week, plus yesterday tried an intermediate/advanced level yoga class for the first time. And this afternoon, in the gorgeous, sunny weather, I ran 10 miles.

I’ve never run that far before, nevermind when my body was not rested. The most I think I’ve done was 8 miles, and that was when I was 23, before my running went on an extended hiatus starting with getting pregnant (excuses, excuses). I went very slowly, averaging 10:40 minute miles. I listened to one of the Game of Thrones books. I’ve traded music for audiobooks on my runs. They’re more distracting and interfere less with my pace than music, which is great if I can match my mood and BPMs, but usually run better to my own rhythm.

The run went by faster than I expected. Running has become a much more relaxed endeavor in the past month or so. I’m bone tired right now and plan on making myself an Icy Hot mummy from the knees down before I go to bed. But I feel thoroughly satisfied with my first attempt.

Next time will be even better.


5 thoughts on “A New Milestone

  1. Whoohoo!! Good for you! I never thought about the problem with music messing up the pace, though now you’ve mentioned it, it’s obvious. 🙂

  2. “Running has become a much more relaxed endeavor in the past month or so.”
    What do you think brought this about? Not so long ago at all “relaxing” and “running” wouldn’t even appear in the same paragraph or Post! Yep, you’re definitely an athlete doing what she truly enjoys…
    Thanks so much for sharing this part of your journey, PV. I had no idea at all what was involved and I’m seeing serious runners out now in my area. I wondered how much they were enjoying themselves huffing and puffing, sweat-pouring, red-faced and appearing to be “powering through” to a heart attack or a stroke.
    I’ve wondered if they’d benefit from a few sessions with a Trainer, yk?
    PS: The Icy Hot? Is this for shin splints? Just curious because I get them and I’m not sure what to do so I keep going…which may not be a good idea?

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