Filling My Days

20130518-103650.jpgThe next few months are going to be very busy ones for me. I’m excited about it because it’s nearly all things I want to do as opposed to things I feel obligated to do.

First up is my first 10k on Sunday. I feel ready. I’ve had really great training runs the past few weeks. I plan to take Saturday off except for a yoga for flexibility class to unwind a bit.

The day after Memorial Day I head to NYC for Book Expo America. Those who’ve been reading my blog awhile know I go to this every year and usually have a great, if exhausting, time. I do a lot of gift shopping while there. It’s a work event, but it’s fun as well. This year one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman, will be speaking. I also scored a ticket to “An Evening with Joss Whedon.” He’ll be at a Q&A after a screening of his latest film, Much Ado About Nothing.

In addition to my fangirl exploits, I’ve signed up to do a running tour of NYC one morning. It’ll be a 4 mile run with a group. I’ve been to NYC often, but never toured it this way. I think I’m also going to take a Bikram yoga class or two. I’ve done yoga in up to 94 degrees, but never 105. We’ll see how that goes. :/

After that, I’m signed up for a half marathon that I plan to run/walk to mostly get a sense of how my body feels after 13.1 miles. The route goes past my mother-in-law’s house, so that’ll be fun. Then I’ve got a 4 miler on July 4, a 5k in Ireland July 10, another 5k back home July 20 and an 8.5 miler early August.

I’ve found I like committing to races to keep me in track for my “big” event in September. Plus I am going to have Campus Quilts make a quilt for me out of all my race t-shirts. Most of them are too huge for me to wear, and that’ll be s much more fun way to commemorate this year.

The weather looks to be nice for tomorrow. There’s 20 bands and other local businesses scheduled. My son and husband are coming. I hope it’ll be a good day for us all.

Life is good.


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