How this Day Should Be

I haven’t spoken to my mother since her mother’s funeral in December 2011. There were a couple half-hearted texts and emails from her shortly after, but nothing since I stopped responding to her emails.

I don’t miss her, her ego, her weirdness, her coldness or the person I used to become in her presence.

Except for this post, I didn’t think of my mother today.

I woke up for yoga outside in the park. As I was fussing around to gather my stuff to leave, my son wished me a happy Mother’s Day. My husband joined me at yoga. It was a little cool and breezy, but I still enjoyed my practice. My husband left the park and off I went for a run-through of next week’s 10k. I took an easy pace and simply enjoyed the perfect running weather and the audiobook I was listening to. I didn’t worry about pace, although I did take a few walk breaks (each no longer than a minute) during the first half. I didn’t feel I needed them for the end of the run, so I ignored the interval prompts from my running training app. It was a lovely run, with my new Newton shoes performing brilliantly, keeping me from foot pain. The run was a joy.

At the end of my 6.2 miles I was thrilled to see that I’d done the course in 1:02:48. I cut over 10 minutes from the same run last week — without even trying to. Maybe I will make my goal of a sub 1 hour 10k next week. It’s hard for me to believe that in mid-February I couldn’t even run for 5 minutes.

20130512-220237.jpgBack home, my mother-in-law texted to thank us for her flowers. I’m lucky to have a lovely mother-in-law. She finds me a little peculiar, but she’s not wrong about that. I do think she’s happy I am with her son.

My son made me his special chicken tacos with goat cheese and apples for dinner, his dad acting as sous chef. Then my guys gave me the Yamaha THR10x combo amp that I’ve been coveting plus a new Lululemon yoga mat that’s supposed to be great for hot yoga.

20130512-220246.jpgMy son left for a school project, but not before telling me he loved me. After he went out the door, I did say to my husband, “I miss when he was seven and just wanted to cuddle us on the sofa.”

This was a Mother’s Day I will always cherish.


4 thoughts on “How this Day Should Be

  1. Wicked amp… been very impressed with the reviews/demos I’ve seen of them. I could probably do with some small amp like that… the 60W 2×12 combo isn’t the most sensible for a small box room!!! 🙂

  2. I haven’t spoken to my mother since 2005, and I don’t miss her drama one bit either. I don’t hate her at all, but she’s got an undiagnosed mental health issue, and she’s just toxic to be around. When I stopped talking to her, I just realized that I wasn’t strong enough myself (emotionally/mentally) to deal with her. Even though I know intellectually that all of the mean stuff she says is not true, it still hurts like hell. For some reason, Mother’s Day really pissed me off yesterday, so I’m glad that you appeared to have a good one. I guess this year was harder because I’m divorced, and was all by myself.

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