Glutton for Punishment

Because my ass wasn’t getting kicked enough, I took two yoga classes last week that mopped the floor with me. One was a power yoga class. I was expecting my usual Tuesday yoga, so I did a cycle class first, followed by a strength training session and a mile of treadmill. But there was a sub for yoga, and she was tough. I loved it, but my poor upper body had a hard time with all the down dog push-ups and chaturanga push-ups and one armed down dogs.

Wednesday I took a new class on the schedule, Core of the Warrior. It’s pretty much what it sounds like. Last week it was challenging, but this week the instructor amped it up even more. Another of the Y’s yoga instructors took the class too, and even she said it wiped her out.

Then a few hours later, I went to my personal training session. I thought I’d be dead on arrival, but I performed really well. I must’ve been all warmed up.

My trainer noted that I seem to have a high tolerance for pain. This makes me laugh because that is the opposite of what my parents used to tell me about myself. I don’t know that my to,era nice for pain is any different than anyone else’s. I just don’t tend to remark on it or let it stop me much. I think my narcissistic mother just couldn’t be bothered with me being hurt or ill, so she turned it into an insult, basically labeling me a wimp.

I’m not trying to prove my parents wrong, but I do wonder if I don’t know when too much is too much because I’ve been trained to think I’m making shit up if something hurts or I’m fatigued. It’s the same as when I feel sad or want to cry — I internally chastise myself for being a drama queen.

20130511-151922.jpgTo be safe, I’ve got appointments with a orthopedist and a chiropractor this week. I have a few niggling pains that I need to have checked: pinched nerves in my shoulders and pain in the balls of my feet.

For the latter, I have been running in my new Newton Distance running shoes, and I’m loving them. With them, I really feel less pressure on the balls of my feet right between the middle toes, which has been troubling me lately. But new shoes aren’t a substitute for having a specialist check things out. It’d be my luck to fracture my feet because I told myself I was just being a wimp nit running through the pain. As I’ve heard from many running experts, pain is not your friend or desirable. I want to be able to run for as long as possible, so staying injury-free is a good goal.

I’ve noticed my blog posts have lacked my usual humor. I wonder if it is usually fueled by angst and I’m just in a decent mind-space right now. Maybe I’m tired or happiness makes dull writing. I think I’m ok with being a bore. 😉


7 thoughts on “Glutton for Punishment

  1. I have to admit, one of the best things I learned from my yoga instructor: “If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong.” It still makes me stop and think about how I walk or stand or lift… if I’m hurting, I ask myself “What am I doing wrong?” Wow… I hadn’t realized I’d translated that across the board…

    • That’s awesome how you’ve applied it outside yoga! It’s one of my favorite aspects of yoga — do what feels good to you. So if I feel like backing off one day, it’s ok. If I want to push, that’s good too. But if it hurts, don’t go there. Pain isn’t the point of yoga.

    • Lol. The shoes are very loud, as in the color. Not my first choice, but they’re terrific shoes. My friend says I have to run fast if I’m going to wear shoes that bright.

  2. I’m pleased you’re making those appointments to get checked out: I agree whole-heartedly FWIW with our, ahh, “appreciation” or lack of recognition for our own pain and what it’s telling us.
    PV, you’re FINE just the way you are. Really. Thanks for sharing your on-going journey.
    A very Happy Mother’s Day to you: A REAL Mom. I’m not n any way minimizing your other accomplishments-and there are many. But to see your now young adult child growing into a confident, INdependent, decent human being must bring you such joy-despite all the other “stuff” that comes with raising kids. Happy Mother’s Day today and every day.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day to you. I find that when I am happy and in a good place, I don’t need to write much. Everything just seems to float along.

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