Strange Weather

I’ve been foolish enough to be relying on the weathermen to help me schedule my long runs. They’ve be predicting thunderstorms and rain for several days and… nothing. It’s sunny out. But the sky has that ominous tint to it that threatens maybe a storm, so I’ve stuck to treadmill shorter workouts. I’m trying to determine if I want to run a 5k race tomorrow morning, but the forecast looks bad. Plus, I still would like to do a 7 mile run Sunday, but every other forecast predicts 0% rain or 80% chance. Wtf. Annoying.

I suppose I could suck it up and run in the rain, but I’m trying out brand new Newton Distance running shoes and I don’t want to mess them up so soon.

I’m kind of procrastinating getting to the gym today. I had a tough workout week, but in a good way. I’m still kind of tired and a tad sore. However, I did learn a lot about my ability to rebound from a strenuous workout, which should prove valuable for endurance events.

Last night I went to a Team in Training meeting for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I’m pretty sure I want to sign up, but the events they are recruiting for right now don’t fit my schedule. I’d love to start training now and not wait for their winter recruiting, so we’ll see what they let me do. Of course, the fact that they do their group workouts on Saturday mornings at 7:00 am in a park 45 minutes from my house is not my favorite idea. But I do think working with a team would be fun and beneficial.

I’ll end this post with a nicer tribute to the weather with some pictures from my garden.












5 thoughts on “Strange Weather

  1. Around here, if the weatherman predicts 80% chance of rain it probably won’t, but if they predict a 20% of rain you better batten down the hatches. šŸ™‚ Love the pictures!

  2. I’d give up on the weather forecasts my experience is they say so much anything is possible just make a plan and do it regardless of the weather.

  3. tundrawoman says:

    Sometimes I wish the weather report would just say, “Look out your window. If ya don’t like it, wait 5 min.”
    Remember back awhile ago when you were kinda runnin’ out of steam, not feeling too great about your workouts etc.? I believe your trainer told you to up your food intake. Do you think this may be the cause again? Muscle burns alot more than fat, right? I imagine by now your muscle mass has increased since that last episode.
    Your flowers are lovely! Thanks for brightening up my day. Your gardens are waayy ahead of mine. sigh.

    • You’re right, I may need more protein again. My muscle mass has increased a lot. I’ve lost fat but also gained muscle. I need to feed it. It’s a complicated balanced, food intake, hydration, sleep. Can’t let those fall behind or I’ll literally fall down.

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