Not So Uphill

20130506-093707.jpgI am sitting in bed as I write, freshly showered and all taped up with Icy Hot bandages. I look sexy. Like a menthol-scented unravelling mummy.

Today one of my yoga instructors held class outside in one of our town’s parks. It was a glorious morning, and my husband and I loved practicing in the sun, the sounds of ducks and children as music.

20130506-090603.jpgMy hamstrings are super-rigid elastic bands that feel one stupid maneuver from snapping. I’ve improved greatly in yoga — I have even managed to do the crow pose. But those forward seated bends when your legs are out front are miserable for me. I’m like an old woman, unable to creak more than a few inches forward before my hamstrings scream in protest. 20130506-090611.jpgJust sitting upright in that position, I feel like a Weeble teetering.

I’ve noticed, however, that I find running more comfortable after a good yoga session. Like my husband told me, who knows how tight my hamstrings would be without my yoga practice.

After class, I ran/walked 6.45 miles, mostly running. I tried out the Jeff Galloway method, choosing a 4:1 run to walking ratio. My time wasn’t stellar, but this was meant to be an easy, long run. I’d like to get closer to a 60 minute time for my 10k in 2 weeks. Based on today’s run, it’s within reach.

20130506-091655.jpgMy excessive bandaging is more precaution than necessity. I’m a bit tired, but not sore. The only area that troubled me was the balls of my feet. I think I may have developed metatarsalgia. I was actually speaking aloud to my feet during the run: “Come on, feet. We can do this. Don’t crap out on me now.” I’m thinking I should go to an athletic orthopedist and get my feet checked. I’ve heard custom shoe inserts can do wonders.

I’m sure I’m not the first runner to talk to her body parts mid run. Frankly, I don’t care if anyone thought I was crazy.

I’ve realized that hills don’t faze me much. Which is good because the 10k in 2 weeks has a doozy in mile 5. I think my short stature is a boon for hills — shorter center of gravity. I’m like a goat. I truck up them at a decent clip. I guess treadmill training on inclines has done the trick.

I think my life mentally prepared me for tackling hills. My philosophy is that the damn thing will just make me miserable if I walk it. It seems to never end (plus shin splints!), an obstacle looming up before me. But if I run it with determination, there’s nothing quite like making it over the top. It’s just a bump in the road and I’m not going to let it slow me down.


2 thoughts on “Not So Uphill

  1. I love this! I’m so excited for you! I’m feeling a little tired today and wasn’t looking forward to doing the rest of my work out. Think I’ll do it now. šŸ™‚

  2. tundrawoman says:

    I hope you check into the metatarsalgia-yes, the correct orthopedic intervention will not only make a huge difference now, it will also ensure you keep running for a long time. As a Yetti foot, I rue the days I sucked it up.
    Again, it’s a whole lot easier to address what’s up now than to keep on running/working out.
    Please? Look into this: Having a trainer and having a good ortho translates into having a complete “team.” No one does this alone IMO: Unless they’re nuts or buy into that whole “Make it hurt! Then you’ll know you’ve had a *real* work out!” Uh huh. Let’s see how long that lasts until you’re not running and barely walking.
    That’s part of being an athlete: Listen to and respect your body. The “favor” will be returned now-and over years. (From one antique “ULB” to another young ‘en. šŸ˜‰ )

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