Progress Not Perfection

I don’t know how the people who do the fitness Insanity infomercials can get away with their claims of 60 days to a ripped body. I’m working out like a fiend, eating well and am far from ripped.

I lost 4 pounds this month and my BMI is down to 20%. My other metrics of heart rate and muscle mass put me in the athlete range now. Honestly? I feel it. Not like a great athlete, but I feel strong. My resting heart rate is about 55 beats per minute, down from over 90 just a few months ago. It’s funny that TW mentioned in the comments that my race number was my age — it is my physical age according to the metrics taken today. Not bad for someone who was sofa-loafing a year ago.

I still look in the mirror and hate the way my thighs touch at the top. I still carry more weight on my hips than I want. But I’m trying to focus on my health rather than my appearance.

No races this week. I did sign up for the Disney half marathon in November. Plus I’m going to an info session for the Team in Training program next week. Busy, busy.

Now, if I could quit obsessing about my thighs…


4 thoughts on “Progress Not Perfection

  1. I looked into Team and Training! I hope it goes well for you. My body was too much of a mess. Eek! I have the same problem with my thighs! Then again, I’ve looked at childhood pictures, and as far as I can tell, they’ve always been this way. I don’t like it, but I think I’ve learned to let it go… I think. 🙂 GO YOU!! You are doing so awesome!

  2. Syd says:

    I’ve done the P90X program. It is a good one. Hard to have to listen to Tony for 90 days. But I have a tendency to be lean anyway so it really helped to pop out the muscles more.
    Good going with your heart rate and BMI.

  3. tundrawoman says:

    Old does not mean “wise,” it just means more life experience.
    I did not comment on your appearance but I will now and I hope it’s accepted in the spirit in which it’s offered: Mon Dieu, you are so tiny! “Knee-biter”-I guess! And I love your Work-Out/Running clothes. You mentioned all the undergarments but they still can not disguise the reality you’re in fabulous shape and the numbers confirm you’re in great condition. All of your work with and without your Trainer is paying off for sure! Yep, you are clearly an athlete.

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