One Step Forward, Baby Steps Back

20130420-184838.jpgIn addition to upping my protein intake with smoothies made of fruit, Greek yogurt and Designer Whey (yum!), I’m also eating, um, baby food to supplement my diet.

Technically it’s toddler food (I’ve Gerber Graduated!). I really like Happy Tot’s Kale, Apple & Mango. Less appealing? Earth’s Best Organic Sweet Potato & Beets. However, sweet potato and beets are great pre-race foods, and the baby food purée is easy on the stomach. Since I did so well this week after a sweet potato/beet evening snack & breakfast, I suppose I’ll do a repeat for next week’s 5k.

After next week, I’ll have three weeks to prep for my first 10k.


3 thoughts on “One Step Forward, Baby Steps Back

  1. jessie says:

    Those little packets are awesome. I didn’t have them for my first baby, but I did for my second and they are great. I really like that they include a variety of fruits and vegetables that you might not always find fresh (or organic).

    I’ve noticed that they have started to include more “grown up” versions in the canned fruits and vegetables section of the grocery store, so you might check there too if you want to avoid eating “baby food” 😉 (although I actually don’t think it’s a big deal). And some of the “grown up/big kid” versions also include super grains and other good things. I thought it would be a great idea if they started making things like this (like pure pureed carrots) that you could mix into other foods (spaghetti sauce, meatloaf, etc.) in order to boost the nutritional value in an easy way.

  2. Syd says:

    Sounds interesting about the baby food. I order protein bars online. They are good. And we get protein powder online too.

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