Second Wind

20130420-115137.jpgI used to say I never cry. And it was true. I didn’t re-learn crying until fairly recently. Crying in my family was a very bad idea. It was much better to appear impervious.

But I got pretty misty eyed after my race today.

I forgot to start my watch on time (a little focused on not getting trampled at the starting line), but I killed my time from last week and beat my goal of an under 30 minute 5k.

My son came with me this week as my husband is crewing for a swimmer today. The boy never left the car, but I was able to park the car right at the finish line, so the slug saw me finish (no photo, however, as that would’ve required him to lift his arms). My son actually used the word “awesome” to describe my finish, eschewing his usual teenaged ennui.

20130420-115149.jpgI came in 3rd place in my age division (and no, there were not only 3 people in my division, which was my son’s quip. Specifically, he said, “There’s that many old hags running? Good for you!” Twerp). I got a ribbon. In all my life, I never came close to getting an award for my athletic ability.

It’s never too late.


10 thoughts on “Second Wind

  1. tundrawoman says:

    YEEESSSS!!!! High Five to the ULB’s Best Athlete!!
    Did you remember your gloves? (Baby, it’s cold-snowing here.)

    • It’s snowing where you are?

      I did have gloves in my racing backpack, but it was 48 degrees or so when I took off. I ran in spandex capris, 2 jogging bras and two sleeveless tanks. I was comfortable. When you get running, it feels roughly 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature.

      I know you’re a bit north of me, but I didn’t realize you guys got snow. Yuck!

    • That is me (I assume you mean the pic with my racing number), but that’s my front, not my booty. It’s a weird angle because it was self-taken. Next time I should take the picture a little higher so you can see my boobs. They get all pancaked in the jog bra, but they’re still pretty bodacious.

      You didn’t ask about my scrawny wrist. Huh. Wonder why…

  2. tundrawoman says:

    Oh, and I didn’t ask about your trainer-how’d she do? And what are you gonna do to celebrate tonight? (“…a bit north??!! I guessso!)

    • My trainer wasn’t there. At least, I didn’t see her or her name on the finisher list.

      You aren’t too far from me. But the topography and lake effect can make us have pretty different weather. We had thunderstorms last night.

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