We Race

Tomorrow I compete in my second 5k. My main goal is to beat last week’s time. I did a test run/walk of the course yesterday, and it went fine considering I was still pooped from the previous day’s personal training session. I swear I get stupider by the end of those workouts, as if no blood is getting to my brain because it’s in service to my body. Which is a good thing; I think too much anyway.

I’ve done a lot of running this week, but I’m taking today off. I’m going to do a light yoga routine at home and some yard work, eat some sweet potatoes, drink plenty of fluids, then get my ass to bed at a reasonable time. The last is always my kryptonite.

The event tomorrow is a bigger one than last week’s, although it is held in the same park and both share the same main loop. My trainer is competing as well, which weirdly makes me nervous. She admitted to being a little nervous herself because she’s not been focused on running in her own training, and she has clients and other people who know her that she doesn’t want to see her look lame. It’s good to know that athletic people above mere mortals like me worry too. But I suspect she’s going to kick ass. Knowing she’ll likely be at the finish line when I come huffing along will be more impetus to finish the race strong. I don’t want to let either of us down.

It’ll be interesting to see what people are saying regarding the Boston Marathon. I’m sure there will be Boston shirts and tributes given. I think I’ll have in my head Mulderfan’s words of “fuck em” regarding the people who committed the Boston bombing.

I thought this tribute run done in San Francisco, as shown in the map below, was a wonderfully clever thing to do. Maybe I’ll see if I can recreate one myself locally. I don’t live in a town mapped out quite so nicely as SF, but the attempt might be worth it.



2 thoughts on “We Race

  1. tundrawoman says:

    Thinking of you since early this AM. Hope you remembered to bring your gloves. How would it be possible to let yourself down, Little One? Even competing in a 5K was more than you could have imagined a mere 6 mo. ago!

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