Put One Foot in Front of the Other… Now Do It Faster

20130415-111006.jpgI ran six miles yesterday. A very slow six miles. I did speed up incrementally within each 12 minute running block. The idea is to build endurance and also be able to still have speed getting over the finish line. After my race Saturday, I realized my final sprint was because I’d been practicing speeding up at the end of my workouts. I hadn’t planned that ending, but as I came to the final stretch, I had a reserve of energy. I’d run the race conservatively to ensure I’d finish. For the race this Saturday, I plan to push a little harder.

I’m loving yoga as a complementary exercise for my running. Everything I do for my training is in service of improving my running, but I have to say that even by itself, yoga’s been great for y mind and body. At the start of Saturday’s fun run, the race organizers did a quick yoga warm up. Because I’ve been practicing about 6 weeks now, I knew the poses. It really settled my nerves and got my breathing calm prior to start. My brain Cajun be seriously noisy, and both running and yoga shut all those yammerings out. I love the mantra of yoga as listening to your body and being gentle to it. Any given workout, I can push or just relax and stretch. Plus, my poor, tight hamstrings are getting much looser.

I wish I’d discovered yoga sooner. And it’s great seeing people of all shapes and sizes and ability practicing. People who have sustained serious injuries are able to adapt poses to help them heal. My husband, who is a distance swimmer, has been using yoga and Pilates to build his core and strengthen his back, which has been troubling him the past few years. he can’t believe how great a workout yoga can be. I find a lot of joy in the Y’s yoga studio.

Today I’ll head to the gym for an express spin class (30 minutes) and then do the following homework assignment from my trainer:

    5 minute power walk on treadmill10 minute jog on treadmill
    5 minute cool down
    3 sets pushups (bleh — still hate push-ups, but I can actually do them now!)
    3 sets body dips
    3 sets bicep curls
    5 minute jog on treadmill
    3 sets crunches on stability ball
    3 sets 60 second planks
    3 sets bent knee hip raises
    10 minute interval training on treadmill (I’m going to work some 30 second sprints into this)
    5 minute jog on treadmill
    3 sets stability ball squats
    3 sets forward lunges
    10 minute jog on treadmill

20130415-111000.jpgIn other words, an easy day. 😉 I’m not kidding. This is a lighter workout than the giant strength training workout she gave me last week. And the sessions with her on Wednesdays are seriously intense. And eh has me drinking beet juice, which isn’t as awful as it sounds if you mix it with other juice.

It all started with just walking on the treadmill back in September. I don’t even have to look back to see how far I’ve come. I get to look forward to see what I will be able to accomplish.


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