20130412-135814.jpgI didn’t quite make my goal of under 30 minutes, but I came close at 30:11 with an average pace of 9:43 minutes/mile. I ran the entire course. But what’s cool to me is that I came in at #50 overall and made it on the first page of the finishers list. And I sprinted over the finish line. No limping here!


Me and my number

20130413-102044.jpgThis particular race benefitted a local dog rescue and many of the racers ran with their dogs. There were also a couple little girls who ran part of the race wearing an athletic hoodie from Old Navy that I almost wore myself. Kind of glad I didn’t. Not that I mind buying in the child-sized department because prices are better, but those girls might’ve been mortified, especially if we were mistaken as related.


We have the same hoodie

I have another 5k next weekend, and I hope to beat my time. I feel so proud of me right now, it’s ridiculous. Not a bad performance for a couple months training and my first grown up race.

And, yes, I heard “Eye of the Tiger”.

5k pace

My approximate race pace. Forgot to turn my GPS watch off at the end.


6 thoughts on “Survivor

    • It was pretty chilly (mid-30s), but the rain let up by race time. My hands were cold, so I added gloves to my racing backpack for next time. Once I got running, only my hands bothered me.

      Thanks for asking! I bet you’re as sick of this weather as I am.

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