I recently started watching Veronica Mars on DVD. It’s a terrific show and I’m sorry I missed it when it first ran. There’s been a big hullabaloo about a Kickstarter funding for making a Veronica Mars movie, which I think is incredibly cool.

In an episode, someone described Veronica, as played by actress Kristin Bell, as tiny. It made me curious about her height, so I googled “How tall is Kristen Bell”.

20130330-132413.jpgWell, in addition to discovering she is my height, I ran into an unpleasant blog that showed a photo of Bell in a somewhat unflattering dress. The blog author called Bell “thick” in the photo and bemoaned how chubby she was. The comments that followed mostly agreed (I vehemently disagree with the assessment), and a couple commenters mentioned the word “thinspo”. Of course I needed to google the term.

I was appalled at what I found. As someone who struggles with eating disorders, self-harm and addiction, I thought this the worst imaginable form of self-loathing gone awry. It reminds me of those pedophiles who bond over their belief that children enjoy being molested. Evil group-think.

I won’t link to the websites I found and I will endeavor to never return to them again. But here’s a good article from the Jezebel site worth sharing on the topic.

As I try to be healthy both mentally and physically, I’m saddened by the existence of these communities. So much good can come of blogging and social media, particularly to help those feeling marginalized or alienated; thinspo and pro-ana sites are not such examples. The idea is to build positive self-esteem and a better life. I can’t see those sites as anything but destructive.


3 thoughts on “Overboard

  1. Sad stuff that people have so much self hatred. I suppose that we each dislike certain things about ourselves, but to starve oneself is truly sad.

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