Eat More Protein

Imagine the above title said with a pseudo-Hans & Franz accent. My husband and I used to say this a lot to our son as he was growing up. He has ADHD and a good protein balance seems to naturally help his zippiness.

Well, I mentioned my bad run yesterday and that I was feeling bummed. She said that the feeling of “running our of gas” was likely that I’m not getting enough protein in my system given the amount of exercise I’m doing. And it can affect your mood when your body is depleted of energy.


It’s hard for me to consider myself an athlete. I was a dancer through my teens, and although now seeing some if the folk on “So You Think You Can Dance” it’d be hard to deny they are athletes, back in my youth dancers were considered more artists than sportsmen.

As a dancer, I developed some wonky eating habits that have chased me through life. One of my favorite things about drinking was that it made e eat less. Of course the alcoholic calories did me no good whatsoever.

Now the idea of eating more to lose weigh seems bizarre. But I’ll try it. I’m getting results like crazy with every change. And this is by being good to my body. Listening to it.

And I already feel better after my workout. Feeling slightly nauseous throughout and all. My trainer kicks ass.


3 thoughts on “Eat More Protein

  1. What do you know. I hadn’t associated the two problems. I know I feel better when I eat more protein and healthier over all… but I didn’t make the connection… or maybe it’s a case of I’m fuzzy in my thinking when I’m not feeling quite myself… I need to make more protein a part of my routine.

  2. Bizarre concept that takes a bit to get used to, right? 🙂 As long as you are eating and burning the right stuff, you build muscle and turn into a fat burning machine! Food science is definitely a strange and wonderful thing lol

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