I think I mentioned I added yoga to my 1/2 marathon training routine. I’m liking it a lot more than expected. I’d tried a few classes years ago and it never clicked with me. Maybe it was because I was either half lit or shaking from alcohol withdrawal that impeded me from getting what I needed from the practice (ya think?). But now the breathing aspect to it is really wonderful.

One thing among the many benefits of fitness is how it makes even the idea of drinking unappealing. Working so hard to get in shape, I can’t imagine poisoning this machine I am building.

And building, I am. I cam actually do push ups and chin ups now. I’m running 3-4 miles four times a week, running most of it now and increasing speed. I’m a little over four weeks from my first 5k, but I could run it now. I’m ahead of schedule for no reason other than it feels good.

I feel more like honoring myself as I move through this process. I think I sometimes get very disconnected from myself. Exercise is grounding me in unexpected ways. I feel strong and peaceful.

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