Endorphin Love

Today I ran about 35 minutes of my 4.2 mile workout. I run on an incline — today’s was only at a 3, but I usually do it at 6 and as high as 10 for minute long intervals — so the effort is slightly increased. The idea is to build strength and to also be less intimidated by hills on the race course.

At the suggestion of my trainer, I also took a couple warm yoga classes. I really need a lot of work on my flexibility (my opinion — I used to be a ballet dancer many moons ago and I am way away from anything resembling that level of limber) and my balance is mediocre. The warm yoga did wonders for my IT band and cramped calf muscles, though. Definitely going to keep yoga in my routine.

Tomorrow is ass-kick Wednesday, as I like to call my PT sessions.

Yesterday a parent showed up at my son’s school with a gun. The whole shebang showed up on the evening news. Apparently some dad was ticked over a fender bender with another parent. He alleges he came to the school to “find out more about the other parent” involved. Sounds like a tall tale to me.

My son said he and his buddies saw the ends if the SWAT team’s guns poking up in the window before they saw it was police enforcement. He says it was a little disconcerting because they’d been told it was only a drill.

All ended ok, with the dumbass gun-toting parent arrested. I’d like to smack the guy around a few rounds. I was thinking some martial arts might be a good addition to my workout. Maybe his public service can be to serve as a punching bag for self-defense classes.


2 thoughts on “Endorphin Love

  1. tundrawoman says:

    Yeesch. That’s frightening!
    About 6 wks. ago, we had a guy show up at a local school asking to see a particular teacher right at the beginning of the school day. He signed in just as the kids were getting off the bus and several were all ready in their class rooms. He had a package he stated he had been instructed by his “Boss” to deliver directly to a teacher when the front office staff asked him to simply leave the package and they’d get it to the teacher. He became very insistent about his “Boss’s Instructions” and delivering this package directly from his hands to her’s. So they corralled him in the front office and the Principle called the teacher and quietly let the teacher know what was up.
    Turns out, the guy had been stalking her and she had been trying to shake the idiot who was turning up at her home, blocking her driveway etc. The cops were called and guess what he had in a shoulder holster? Better yet, he had been involved in a Felony gun incident a few years ago (waving his hand gun around in a diner) and after some jail time and Probation, he was forbidden to own/possess any firearms-ever. Not without a Certificate of Relief which no one is about to render. I live in a “Gun Culture” area where everyone is locked-‘n-loaded with rifles particularly for rabid animals and putting food on the table. This *same* guy had been loudly proclaiming for years that his ex-wife had left him penniless. In the “poor house.” Flat-butt “broke.” Bail was set at $100K, the thought being he wouldn’t be able to make bail. He somehow managed to amass the $50,000 cash for bail the next day.
    And here the rest of us *sit.* As do our kids.
    This Perp is *nuts.* The kind of *nuts* that isn’t “treatable.” We know them as Cluster Bs. However, I do believe your “treatment” would be quite effective šŸ˜‰ Community Service is a form of Restitution to the Victims. Why not make it meaningful, eh?!
    Judy’s right: You can’t fix stupid. Or Narcs.

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