My Regularly Scheduled Ass-Kicking

My personal trainer made me into a soggy noodle again during our last session. But we were both pleased at my strength improvement and endurance progress. I’ve been having some running-related issues with my IT band, so we worked on stretching and strengthening the area. 20130302-012527.jpgMy pain is mostly in the hip area on my left leg. I’ve got a couple of the new extra strong Icy Hot patches slapped on. Being sore is becoming normal.

I can run about a mile straight now, and my typical run is about 3 miles, mostly running. I may be able to go longer, but I’m training on interval sessions. It’s my calf muscles that have been getting tired first — they’re knotting up some whenever I up the intensity.

At any rate, I feel things are well on track. I’m also signed up for two 5k races in April and a half-marathon in June. I don’t plan to run the whole half marathon; I’m going to run the equivalent of a 10k then walk the remainder. I think it’ll be a good warm up for the September half marathon.

20130302-012543.jpgFor fun and to mix things up (plus give my IT band a break), I took a “dance fit” class at the Y this afternoon. It was basically an aerobics class with some salsa and Bollywood moves worked in (and one sort of swing routine). My whole body is responding well to everything I’m throwing at it. I just have to remember that rest days are not optional. The last thing I need is an injury from over training.

I mailed Boone the letter outlining the terms of severing our contract. I expect he’ll receive it in the next few days. I hope he doesn’t go apeshit over it. I can handle it if he does, but I’d sure prefer for him to act like a professional.

I like that when things go to shit in my life, I’ve learned to rebound by getting involved in something new that’s positive for me. Last year was guitar, this year is the half marathon. I hope that next year I can pursue a new interest without a personality disordered fool trampling on me. I unusually do well avoiding the PDs, but when I let my guard down, I sure screw up in a big way.

Eh, why do anything half-assed?


2 thoughts on “My Regularly Scheduled Ass-Kicking

  1. There are so many (PD) they’re kind of hard to avoid, but I am learning to keep the interactions surface rather than embracing them like I was trained to do.

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