An interesting post on narcissism and triangulation.


9 thoughts on “Triangulation

    • I thought it was really good too. There was sooooo much of this going on in my mother’s house when I was growing up. I started really getting on her bad list when I started going straight to people trying to straighten out what I’d thought were misunderstandings that turned out to he my mother’s machinations.

  1. How many of her minions did you manage to convince of her evil ways? In my experience, it’s been none. None more minions could be convinced that their Master was really the eee-vil one. None. None more minions.

    • Lmao. Not a smidge of a minion. Luckily her primary minions are my immediate family. My mother is too good for friends and she tends to pretend her family is fabulous to outsiders, including me (lord knows what she actually tells people but she does like to brag about her progeny).

      I’m lucky she’s anti social. It’s ruined my sibling relationships and the one with my father. However, I think if she kicks the bucket, I have hope for something better with at least my dad and brother. I think my sister is a list cause — too damaged by my parents.

      • So there is, at the very least, some potential for possible relationships later on down the road. Currently, they are too busy being sheep to be real relationship material, but at least there is that chance.

        Minions are tough – in particular the ones who actually mean well. (The ones that don’t care either way, or who are ONLY interested in sleeping with the narc, those aren’t as tough to deal with). It’s the ones who actually think they are helping that are more difficult to handle. They’re just so blind and in denial about the truth.

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