In Training

I met with my personal trainer for the first time yesterday. I really liked her, and I am glad that she is my age rather than some young chippy (no offense to the young chippies… I just think someone closer to my age understands aging and the effects on physical ability better than someone who hasn’t started having random aches and pains for no discernible reason). Our first session was a hodge-podge of activities so she could test where I am and what needs improvement. I surprised myself by being a whole lot stronger than I’d expected. She told me 1) that she was not there to be my friend or lie to me because her job was to push me and help me meet my goals, 2) that I am in better than average condition and strength ability for my age, and 3) I’m not overweight and need to be sure to eat, especially after workouts because I could be at risk of putting my body into “survival” mode if I don’t put the protein fuel back in.

She will be sending me emails with training schedules, nutritional advice and more. She has experience training people for marathons, ironmans, half-marathons, etc. And she didn’t scoff at me when after about 20 minutes of weight-training, I said I felt nauseous. She said that was completely normal whenever you push your body, even for people who train regularly. The trick to get past it is to do a walk around the track rather than lay down.

I’m excited to have help reaching my goal for completing a half marathon in September. Based on only one meeting, I highly recommend trying a personal trainer if you can swing the budget. And before you get the idea that I am a pampered lady (although I suppose I am a little), I found mine at our local YMCA and she is only $30 per session in addition to our family Y membership (which my husband has been a member forever).

I can’t believe that I had so much fun doing something that made me want to puke at least three times.


4 thoughts on “In Training

  1. jessie says:

    Good for you! I often can’t get past that nauseous feeling (a very personal dislike of mine) to really strength train. Cheering you on for the half-marathon.

  2. GulfGulf says:

    Bravo! Training for a half marathon is no little task. I hope you enjoy it, especially once the weather warms up a touch for some outdoor distance runs!

  3. I didn’t get nauseous, but I did almost pass out the first time I met with my trainer. I don’t work with him anymore because it was just too much money, but I learned a lot and definitely got stronger.

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