My husband has a back problem he refuses to see a doctor about. Every so often, he asks our son to walk on it. The other day he asked me to lean into it with my elbow. There’s something bulging back there. I really want him to see a doctor.

A few years ago, I was getting on my kid about cleaning his room. I told him about a bazillion times, clean it up or I will. Do it by Sunday night or I’ll take care of it.

He didn’t take care of it. I did. I found a giant pile of my Victoria Secret catalogs and Glamour mags under his bed. I put gloves on. I laughed, but holy hell, I did not want to touch those things in those circumstances.

Just now, my husband was laying on the floor in back pain. I suggested our kid could help him out, which he usually does because it is a way he can walk all over his father and be thanked for it. Our kid refused. When I said that I’d do a lesser job than him because I have no muscle, my kid said, “You don’t have to do this either, mom.”

I’ve got no point here. I’m trying to find the slipped disk in everything that’s been going on.

(Ps. Never mentioned the catalogs. Kid said thank you for cleaning my room.)


4 thoughts on “Propriety

    • But apparently catsuit discussions are too risqué for others.

      I can’t even think about my kid messing in whatever. I just hope it’s all not misogynistic. But I ain’t gonna ask because it’s none of my business anymore.

  1. My dearest, oldest (as in, we’re both in the “Antiquities” Area of the Museum, side by side) friend Rita took it upon herself to “Clean” her adult son’s (who’s 19? 20? yr. old wife took off and left him with 18. mo. old twin boys to raise alone-many, many moons ago) house. When DS was at work and the grandkids were at school, like kindergarten.
    So Rita helps out, of course. Rita “invades” her ADULT son’s space (MBR/Bath, “off limits” to kiddos when Dad’s not there) in her cleaning activities. Comes across some well-hidden away from kids home-grown.
    That launched the biggest fight we’ve ever had. And her DS never allowed he to “clean” again.
    GO DS!

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