My father-in-law’s mother-in-law is a sweet old lady. I hope I grow up to be her. She sends oranges to us for Christmas every year, and the company that sends them is a little half-assed. But this year they delivered.

My inlaws divorced in acrimony. He cheated. For a very long time. I think mostly with the same woman that he’s now married to. I knew who he was cheating with before my husband did. It was a badly kept company secret.

My mother-in-law was understandably pissed. But I thought, “She’s fun, she’s super nice, she golfs. She’ll find some nice widower and live happily ever after.”

Unfortunately, she got bitter instead. Which is strange to me because she owns four homes that the alimony pays for that I’d think would make you paint the town red. Go figure.

Saying anything about my father-in-law and his life in front of my mother-in-law is a bad idea. But my sister-in-law (their daughter) does it all the time. To get stuff. And she gets stuff. Like, her best friend’s house mortgage paid for stuff.

And one thing my sister-in-law tried to recruit me into was getting stuff. And I really did bad at it. As in, No.

I’ve been eating these oranges for the past two days. Admittedly because they taste good. But also because throwing things out bothers me. And we’re going to my mother-in-law’s for Christmas in a couple days and bringing those oranges to her house would really upset her.

War. That’s what this is about. It’s so fucking dumb. And I’m overeating oranges over it. It’s not even my war.


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