How I Fell for my Husband

The story of my husband and I is a little complicated. I met him in the July before I married another guy. I was still in college. I also had a full time job as a government relations specialist with a mortgage company.

I saw my husband for the first time when he was being interviewed. I walked by the office cubicle he was in, saw him, and thought “who is that guy.”

Which I dumbly relayed to my fiancé. Who worked at the same place. Who I got a job for him there. I’m seeing a pattern in my idiocy.

I went through with the marriage, was miserable by Christmas. And I had a brilliant idea about setting my now-husband up with my sister. It didn’t go past one date.

When I graduated college, my husband showed up at my parents’ house unexpectedly. We hung out by the pool and talked. We slept together for the first time a few weeks later. I was already in divorce proceedings by that point.

Then he moved to Dallas for six months. And was really shitty about keeping in touch. So I wrote him off.

At the time, we were both in this thing called a leadership development program. So there was a group of us all just out of college that were being fostered to later run the business. That’s where I met my best friend. Who isn’t running that business, but has run a few others since our time there. My husband speaks several times a week with another of the guys we were in the program with. It’s been a long time, but several of us bonded I’m thinking for life.

Our group fell under the HR department. Our company was doing well. Really well. And when bonus time came around, the HR department decided us rookies in the leadership program didn’t really qualify. Because the HR department folk got to share the bonuses of all of us rookies and leave us with nothing.

I was pissed. Pretty close to as pissed as I am now for what Boone did to me. Not for myself. But because of how wronged my friends were. In that particular rotation of my job, my boss didn’t like me much. Which meant my share of the bonus pool was going to be low. I was working hard, just not for him because I thought he was an idiot. I deserved the review he gave me because I did pretty much blow him off.

But this bonus thing? That was something I could fight for. I ranted to my now-husband, listed all the reasons this was not ok.

We called a group meeting with HR. I spoke, but not all that much. My husband let loose on the HR department, asking, “Who is responsible for this fuck up?”

One girl cried. My best friend and I had to hide our laughter. One guy sputtered a bunch. We were on a conference call with other people. And I am a professional. Mostly.

All 24 of us got our bonuses.

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