The (un) Reality of the Blog World

Judith / soveryslightlymad:

Mike of the blog Running Around the Bend wrote an excellent post on the questionable reliability of some Healthy Living blogging. He covers so much of what I think, and does it better than I could, so please give it a read.

Originally posted on Running Around the Bend:


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These last few days I have vented some of the frustrations I had with the blog world that led me to take a two week hiatus (sounds like nothing now, but in my head it was significant) a few months back … but as I have done the posts I have realized through my writing and the great comments that it was all about much more. My thoughts on ‘blogs as inefficient’ in particular turned into something that gets at the difficulty of being ‘present’ in the face of technology. And the comments in my ‘Schadenfreude’ post pointed to something else … that sometimes the blog world isn’t exactly the most honest or healthy place.

Telling it Like It Isn’t

A couple of weeks ago Hollie had one of the best picture/comment combos I have seen recently – she was out and saw tiny utensils and asked “why…

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3 thoughts on “The (un) Reality of the Blog World

  1. I liked the graphic – says a lot just that…

    Also I really want to know why women, or men, get sucked into the “idealised view” of what they “should be”… I honestly think the majority of people don’t look at someone with that view in mind in terms of what they consider ideal at all

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