Some pictures from Heartbreak Hill

Finishing the half marathon20140612-083254-30774096.jpg

Heartbreak Hill 10k Elevation map


Heartbreak Hill 10k elevation

Awesome nutrition seminar by Nancy Clark20140612-083524-30924661.jpg

Boston College green20140612-083525-30925655.jpg

I totally stalked Shalane Flanagan (no, I’m not the one she appears to be trying to get away from. Also, the woman walks faster than me.20140612-083522-30922596.jpg

Bart Yasso & Dave McGillivray20140612-083523-30923789.jpg

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10 thoughts on “Some pictures from Heartbreak Hill

  1. Smiling again! What is wrong with you – you don’t smile when running you look like you’re dying so that us lethargic lazy so and so’s don’t have to feel so guilty as I read this eating my biscuits… ;-)

  2. That woman on the left in the Shalane pic is awfully grabby! I’d be stalking her too.
    I swear you have the best race pictures of anyone I’ve ever seen. You always look so happy/confident/relaxed. I LOVE it!

    • Thanks! I’m glad I like my race pictures because I just got a new passport picture and I look like a hideous old hag. I wouldn’t let me in a country based on that picture. Sadly, they won’t let me use a race photo :(

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