A Few Blog Changes

“Performing at the highest level is not about talent, ability, size, speed, facilities, equipment, weather conditions, or even effort. It’s about being free. Free from expectations of self and others, free from criticism, free from fear, and free from “should” and “have to.”

Excerpt From: Beecham, Stan. “Elite Minds.” iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

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For those not reading my posts in a reader, hopefully you’ve noticed that my blog is undergoing some cosmetic changes. I felt like it was time to move past the Pandora’s Box theme and more into running. I’m still going to talk about my ACoN experience because it is an intrinsic part of me and how I grow and change, but thankfully my life has grown larger than my struggles with my narcissistic mother.

I’m nearly done with the book Elite Minds and I thought the quote above summed up where I want to be pretty nicely. I’ve always consciously viewed running as an internal quest for being my best, as competing with myself to achieve that best. However, unconsciously I play the comparison game and it does a lot of harm. The upside is being aware when I get that ugly feeling and being able to acknowledge it rather than stuff it down as “bad”.

I want to post a bit more frequently, although I am debating precisely what to post. I don’t want to come off as presenting myself as any kind of expert on, well, anything. I’d like this blog to be a bit of encouragement for those embarking on their own journey of self-discovery, whether dealing with PTSD from a tough childhood, attempting to get in shape after neglecting your body for decades, living sober or trying to grow older gracefully (anyone who is an expert on the latter, please contact me immediately because I feel like I’m staring into a great big black hole on this one). I hesitate to say I want to inspire people because I give a solid side-eye to people who declare themselves inspirational. How about if I say I don’t want to discourage anyone? That I would like it if I made one person feel less alone?

Or if I make you feel better about yourself because I kind of suck? Yah, I’m ok with that.

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18 thoughts on “A Few Blog Changes

  1. As it turns out, I am an expert at growing old gracefully… though I’m not all that old yet. This is good actually because I surely don’t want to rush it. Right?

    You’re doing the first two most important already (I have 21 years and 14 years sober/fit respectively). Being pickeled and unfit will take away years more than anything so nice work.

  2. tundrawoman says:

    I’m not an expert at much of anything and I haven’t become a geezer-ette “gracefully.” (For the most part, I’ve had a hellaciously good time doing it though!)
    I love the new look of your “space!” How could anyone possibly resist pictures of you running and smiling, smiling, smiling? Ohh-and shoes-that’s an instant “LOOK!” for me. I want to know how one engages in self-torture and not only looks great doing it but makes it look like so much fun it almost makes me wanna get off the couch and….go get some more ice tea?!
    Thanks so much for taking me/us along for the run, whether it’s on the race course of macadam or the race course of life and going “so very slightly mad!”

  3. TR says:

    Love it! You definitely don’t discourage me :). Oh, and when you share funny stories, I’m laughing with you, definitely. xx

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