All Kinds of Awkward

I don’t know where the week has gone. I feel like every day is a blur of running, being irritated with my son and doing something pertaining to making dinner. Except I can’t remember doing much cooking.

I’m trying to motivate myself out of bed this morning because it’s gorgeous outside and I have a 50 minute run on my schedule and I’d like to go to yoga afterwards. Coffee has only been marginally successful at waking me up.

This is one of the things my trainer made me do. After, he said it would do nothing for me and it was purely for his entertainment.

I’m going to blame my personal trainer who gave me some agility exercises to perform on Tuesday. Most of them made me feel like a major clod. I managed to amuse the hell out of some daycare kids at the YMCA. Luckily I don’t embarrass easily over stuff like that. I mean, what do I care if people point at my clumsiness? I’m glad I can give them a good giggle.

However, whatever those agility exercises were supposed to do, my calves have been crampy and sore the last couple days. It probably didn’t help that I did an 11 mile tempo run (4 miles at tempo pace of 7:40) yesterday. This morning my calves are all “hell, no”. This is what I get for wanting to improve my range of motion and get lighter on my feet?

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14 thoughts on “All Kinds of Awkward

  1. Ha. No pain no gain? Great pace on the tempo run. I am having a hard time keeping in the 8:00 range lately with the heat. The last nice weather we had I was having some back issues and missed it all. Now 90 degree heat. Oh well.

  2. I’m sure that tempo run and excercices will be so worth it! Being sore a few days is a small price to pay.
    I really like the new blog look and pictures! (don’t know if this is something really new or not, sometimes I read from my reader).

  3. 4 miles at 7:40 would definitely make the calves sore. It’ll be worth it for your training.

    That video of the thing he made you do made me laugh. Haha I am extremely clumsy too I feel your pain!

  4. That’s an awesome pace for that tempo run! Nice job!
    I would probably have way too much fun with it if my trainer made me do that. I also have been sitting here watching that gif for several minutes and laughing. Is that from Monty Python??

    • Yep, Monty Python. It was a lot of fun. I was surprised that I was sore for a couple days because it felt like we were just playing. All the little kids wanted to join me.

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