Happy Mother’s Day

Hope everyone is having a great day! Weather is awesome here & we’re grilling steaks. I even have on shorts! Real shorts, not just running shorts.

I may not have achieved my BQ (yet!), but my husband and son got me these for Mother’s Day. I think I’ll use them when I run the Runner’s World Hat Trick in a month.


I found another picture of me from the Cox Providence Marathon. This was around mile 20-21. I surprisingly don’t look as miserable as I felt just then, although my stomach was turning around for the better at this point.


My training is moving from recovery time back to some speed work. I still feel nervous about the decrease in mileage, but I’m going to defer to Coach Emily’s expertise and behave myself.

Also, I’m looking into boxing lessons. It turns out a longtime acquaintance teaches boxing (we know him from his day job) right around the corner from my house. My son may even join me for a few. Thank god because our basement sofa has his ass print permanently installed of late. At least he showers regularly. I celebrate the small victories.

8 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. That’s mile 21!? You look so happy and gorgeous! I love this picture so much.
    What a thoughtful present from your guys too! Yurbuds are great. :) I hope you had the most wonderful Mother’s Day! Steaks on the grill sounds amazing right about now.

  2. Wow. You look great for 21 miles. Keep smiling. I never smile in race pics. Now, when I see a photographer, I fake a smile. At least I don’t look as crazy!!!

  3. Your awesomeness astounds me! Great pic, and great job on the race! The Mother’s Day gift seems like a pretty good one to eh??:)

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