Running Happy, Blogging Fatigued

I haven’t been the best blogger lately. Life is going fine, training is good, but I’m sort of bored with myself in terms of blog post writing. I’m still reading and commenting on blogs, but whenever I think about drafting a post of my own… meh. 


running through Times Square

 You’d think it’d be otherwise since my race in NYC was so fun. And today I went for a gait analysis. In May, I’m going to do metabolic testing. I’m trial-run coaching a fantastic athlete and new-ish runner for her first half and full marathons as I work towards my coaching certification. I’d like to say I’ll write more about these things soon, but the way things are going, I don’t want to make a promise I won’t hold myself to keep. 

As far as the gait analysis, that was super fun. We’re going to do a follow up outdoors to see if my gait is different on the track than the treadmill and also to see what I’m doing technique-wise when running downhill to cause me hip issues. He suspects it’s actually the opposite of what I worried — that I’m landing behind my hips rather than the typical  overstride. This is something I need to fix if I want to run any race with notable down hill. 

My gait and running form are quite good. He even said that it was close to ideal. So, yay! The way I land is beneath my hips and in such a way that I use my whole foot to propel me forward. Which is also likely why I run faster on the road than the treadmill. He had me run both barefoot and with two different shoes, and basically he recommended that I use shoes that the least get in the way of my natural running form. We talked about some minimalist shoes with good cushioning for me to try as I prep for my marathon in October. 

I’m feeding my running shoe problem: this week I bough some Newton Fates, I got my order of the Altra Superior 2.0 trail shoe and I just ordered some On Running Cloud shoes. 

That’s all the exciting stuff. Oh, except I was chosen as a Skirt Sports Ambassador! More on this as I hear more from the company. But you might’ve noticed that in 95% of my race photos that I am wearing Skirt Sports and have been since my 4th race (I forget how many I’ve run now, but it’s close to 40). 

I hope everyone is doing awesome!

Quick check in

I ran a big race on Sunday and it was a blast but definitely not a PR day for me. It’s a longish story, but the short version is: don’t rely on GPS accuracy in NYC.  Lol. According to my watch, I ran a 13.65 mile half marathon. And I even flew through Times Square at a blistering 4:30 pace, mowing over poor Meb in the process. 

Me flying down 42nd Street so fast you can call me The Blur. I was having an awesome time, if you can’t tell.

Um, no. I wish. Except running over Meb. I wouldn’t do that to my hero. 

But it was one of my favorite race experiences just for the sheer joy of running, and I didn’t get sick to my stomach. Plus, I ended up running by feel the last half and did alright. Negative splits rock, baby!

I’ve got a little goal of trying to run 1 half marathon a month for this year, but many of those will be training runs rather than full-out race efforts. I want to continue to practice my mental game and work at resolving my stomach issues before my big goal race of the Wineglass Marathon in October. I’ve thrown in a few hilly halfs to help with this, and several of them are local (yay! Sleeping in my own bed!).

More about my weekend to come. It was great to share it with friends and plus The Book of Mormon was a riot. 

Still basking in warmth

Or maybe melting a bit. It got up to about 87 yesterday. I still did an 8 mile run with strides in it, and it actually didn’t feel all that bad. The breezes help. I guess I’ve acclimated. 

I’ve now begun stalking the NYC weather for next weekend. It looks like s chance of rain and temps of high in the mid 40s, lows in the mid 30s. I hope the rain stays away. I’m not feeling terribly optimistic about this race despite my training going well. I’m not sure why. Except for my history with unpleasant races when I have a time goal. If I can just manage to not get nauseated, it’ll be a win. It should be a fun weekend regardless. 

We had an extended family emergency, so my husband and I were enlisted to dog-sit. Poor us, no? It’s good that my husband’s work gives him a lot of flexibility. We come to Florida a few times every winter, but we’ve never stayed this long. A perk of being empty-nesters. I did get depressed when some 20-something guy said, “I want to do that when I get to your age.” Ugh. So much for denying middle-agehood. 

Dog walk

I signed up for a fall marathon! I chose the Wineglass Marathon (over the closer to home Mohawk Hudson). I keep seeing/hearing good things about this race. The hotel situation seems crazy already. I reserved a place but it’s definitely not my first choice. I’m going to keep looking around in the hopes someone cancels their reservation. 

Tomorrow is a 12 mile long run with the last 10 minutes at race pace. Then it’s a mostly easy-paced week except one leg turnover workout midweek to keep my legs fresh for the race. We’re taking the train into the city Friday afternoon with two friends and then seeing a matinee of the Book of Mormon on Saturday to keep me off my feet. I forget where I made dinner reservations for Saturday night but I do know they have roast chicken (with kumquats!) and potatoes on the menu for my pre-race meal. 

Another Laid Back Day

I keep thinking today is Sunday. I was all baffled why the car dealerships were open.(They used to be closed Sundays, right? I don’t car shop often so maybe I’m misremembering.)

I had a nice recovery run this morning, if a little warm. I slept in a bit today so it was my own damn fault. 

I came home to this:

Then my husband and I went to get salads for lunch and scope out cars. Not quite at buying point because I want to wait out winter before I have to cry over a road salted vehicle. I did test drive one and really liked everything about it but the price for AWD. 

Tomorrow is a little Fartlek workout, I believe. I need to get up out of bed before the sun roasts me if I don’t want to flame out before my last repeat. 

Hope everyone is having a nice start of the week/month. Daylight savings soon and spring (aka mud season where I live) is around the corner!

Creatures Great and Small

Believe me, I’m not complaining, but it’s s bit of a body shock to go from subzero temps to running in a sunny 82 degrees.

We flew back to Florida Tuesday night, over a North Carolina snow storm. Our flight got in late and I didn’t get into bed until 2am. Which meant I didn’t get up early enough to escape the warmer air when I ran the next morning. It was just a recovery paced run, so I took it easy, but man it was pretty draining. 

I was also tired from a treadmill long progression run on Sunday, a tough leg workout with my trainer Monday. He’s been beating me up big time lately. My core was sore for 5 days after the “push” routine he gave me last week. It was so bad, I couldn’t even get out of bed or get up from the sofa without gravity propelled contortions. Much to the evil amusement of my husband. Then before my flight I did 11 miles on the treadmill with two different tempo paces. My legs were already beat and felt pretty heavy. I’m still ok with my paces and really thrilled I got to do it outside. 

Thursday was dinner with family and a heated discussion over the blue/black, gold/white dress. I was one of the people who saw both. 

I’ve been hanging out with this beautiful girl. She sometimes sneaks into our bedroom for the night. 

 Lady, the rescue boxer

Friday the weather was cooler and I did an interval run that went quite well. We went to the Nation’s Cup Grand Prix Friday night (USA took the win, I ate my weight in food from the Chinese themed buffet). 

A good percentage of the riders in the Grand Prix are former Olympians or up-and-comers. The jumps are at least as tall as I am, and it’s really amazing to see the horses clear them. Ok, I’m only 5’1″, but still. It’s HIGH. 

Saturday was a short run and I just beat a flash flood storm. The rest of the afternoon was doing some unglamorous work stuff with Jerry Maguire on in the background. Cuba Gooding Jr. was such a star in that film. 

We had to chase a small lizard out of our bedroom. Poor thing lost its tail by accident in the process, but we got the wee dude outside otherwise safe from being eaten by the dog. The way the tail wriggled for ten minutes after amputation is sort of creepy. 

Today I ran 16 miles in a very humid 82-84 degrees. The rain from yesterday was evaporating in the morning heat. It was breezy, 12 mph winds, and I was grateful for it. I took it easy at an average 9:28 pace and had to refill my water bottle twice because I was so thirsty. At least I practiced running with a sloshy belly to hopefully help me deal with my race anxiety stomach. I had a light breakfast but didn’t refuel other than UCAN Hydrate. My last mile was my fastest. 

Early in my run I passed a kid’s triathlon. So freaking cute! Some of the kids had training wheels and were determinedly pedaling their little hearts out. I cheered them on as I rolled by. I can’t even imagine doing something like that at such a young age. Really inspiring to me. 

This afternoon we’re at another Grand Prix. I was rungry and took three trips to the buffet. Ate a ton of fish this time. Now I’m ready for a nap. 

don’t know who this rider is

 This is the Gold Medalist from the 2012 Olympics

15 Questions with Simple Hydration

Hi, all! I’m back in Florida again. It’s been a little on the warm side (87 or so yesterday), but I told myself there’s no complaining allowed since it’s still hovering around zero back home. Honestly, I’m just glad to get off the treadmill. I usually like it fine, but lately it seems to make my hips feel tight. 

I wear a wrist heart rate monitor, and it’s interesting to see how the heat affects how I feel running. It’s actually been helpful because before I’d assume it was just me sucking instead  of taking note of real physiological changes due to how efficient my body is at cooling. It’s sort of silly that it takes hard data to convince me of something that is pretty intuitive, but whatever works. 

It’s a little cooler today, mid-70s and overcast, and I’ve got a little goal pace interval workout to do once I finish my coffee. I’ve got some work to do this afternoon, then tonight we’re going to the Nation’s Cup horse show and that should be fun. 

Running the Publix Ft Lauderdale A1A. 1/2 marathon with Simple Hydration

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I’m on the Simple Hydration Run Team. For almost a year now, I’ve been using my Simple Hydration bottle for all my longer races and for my longer outdoor runs. I’ve also been using it for the runs in the heat here in Florida. I love how easy it is to carry and use. It’s designed so well that I don’t even notice it while running. 

Today I am featured on the Simple Hydration blog where I answer 15 questions, both running related and not. I hope you click here to check it out, and while you’re on the site, take a look at the great Simple Hydration bottle!

Aquaman, Hell Yeah

I may have mentioned once or a dozen times that my husband is a distance swimmer who successfully crossed the English Channel in 2013 in 10 hours 38 minutes. (shameless bragging ;) I’m so proud of him.)

He’s been swimming competitively since he was seven years old, and so naturally his favorite super hero is Aquaman. Unfortunately, Aquaman gets a lot of flack for having “lame” super powers. My husband is quite butt-hurt about it.

Personally, I always thought Aquaman was cool. When I was younger, I wanted to be a marine biologist… until I took my first biology class. I guess I just wanted to feed the turtles, swim with sharks and play with the dolphins and seals. I wouldn’t mind having the power to call to marine life, but since my swimming skills lag somewhere just ahead of my science ones, I guess having my husband as a fish will have to suffice.

However, don’t mind me if I’m imagining him more like this version of Aquaman, as played by Jason Momoa, formerly Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, and soon to debut in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman movie.


Yes, please.